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Lesley Dubroy


Just a little bit...
As a child, I retreated more and more into an alternate world by reading. It took me to places and times and adventures that I dreamed of and away from the mundane world that I felt I didn’t quite belong in.  I recognise now that I was a highly sensitive child and was easily overwhelmed with emotion.  Feeling that I didn’t belong, ballet became my salvation and then yoga.
I threw myself into study and creating, and it wasn’t until after my first marriage ended that I went to art school and loved it. I also studied both Classics and Fine Art at university and then life drew me away to have a family.  I lost my Self, as many do, in the endless blur of changing, feeding sleeplessness and emerged out the other side with counselling and yoga teaching qualifications, wondering who the heck I was. 
When we settled in our current home, I decided to retrain as a teacher, teaching in our community for many years.  This gave me an identity, colleagues and friends,  a new profession and fulfilled my need for integrity in life.  
Finding my way back to me took a long time, I don’t do things by halves!
I had been searching for my teacher, my guru in yogic terms and then I met her – an Australian-born Hindu High Priestess living in Bali.  And started the journey into myself that continues in my artwork. I was searching for my truth, and for ways to speak and honour my truth. Now I paint my truth!


I create to express myself and do so in may ways. Designing and making costumes, three dimensional lanterns and sculptures, fibre arts, art journaling, jewellery, printing and painting.  All these media excite me and the possibilities are endless.
I guess I just really enjoy making things and solving the problems that arise along the way.