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Intentional Creativity ® Workshops 

As a certified Intentional Creativity ® teacher I have seen the powerful way that art can change people’s lives. Intentional Creativity ® and the Color of Woman ® painting method are the creations of American artist and poet, Shiloh Sophia McCloud.

So, what is Intentional Creativity?
Is it therapeutic art, healing art, transformational art?

The answer is YES to all those things. This process uses inquiry, visioning, story, movement and rhythm to lead the artist into the creative recesses of their soul. This can become a deep dive into past, present and future to cause and create real and lasting change.   
Playing with Intentional Creativity ® transformed my arts practice taking my work to the depths that I had always wanted to explore but didn't know how.  Art School, working with other artists and teachers did not give me the tools for finding my inner voice, learning to trust and let go!

Intentional Creativity is a choice to consciously access and express our stories and internal landscape through creative process. A way to work with the places within, which we don’t often have language for.             Everything within us, past, present and future lives in story. When we create around our story, we gain clarity. When we create with intention, we activate both sides of the brain. When we activate our brain, we gain greater access to our own information and how to articulate it.                                                                                 
Creating with intention is simply working with mindfulness…creating that yields greater access to who we are now and who we are becoming.            Shiloh Sophia McCloud.   


Intentional Creativity ® is a step by step process developed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud of guided discovery into the stories of our lives. Through deep inquiry, visioning and lots of colour release your creativity!

No art experience necessary.

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What they told me

"A beautiful process which was so thrilling and unexpected. I loved Lesley’s introduction which was clear yet erudite. The instructions and support was beautifully delivered and I felt warm and comfortable and valued. Lesley is a skilled teacher, who was able to give specific suggestions to support my process. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!"
Thank you, Lesley.
"Meet your Muse was a profound experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. At an extremely trying time in my life this day was most welcome. Your deep knowledge and caring nature encouraged me to trust in the entire experience. It allowed me to give voice to my struggles and see the future with optimism. I am in a better place because of this wondrous day."
"Meeting Your Muse was so much more that I expected. I was challenged to dig deeper into myself and to realise a few things that I never thought myself capable of. It was an incredible journey of self discovery, and being led by Lesley made it all the more enjoyable. Would recommend this for anyone looking for a different approach to creativity."