Lesley Dubroy 
Sacred Garden Studio 

YOGA for resilience

I teach three classes a week in Hervey Bay.

Two of these are through Live Life Get Active on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7.15 - 8 am at the Seafront Oval, Pialba on the Esplanade, Hervey Bay . Log onto www.livelifegetactive.com to book in for classes. 

Also on  Monday at 8am, same location just after the LLGA session. No need to book, just $5 for the class.


I love yoga!

It’s a love affair that began a long time ago with my mother  taught me ‘Sun and Moon Breathing’ (Nadi Shodhan) to help me as I was a sick little kid.  My sister and I spent afternoons playing with the postures (asanas) pictured in my mother's yoga book, one of the first published in Australia.

 My other love, ballet, left me injured and in my early twenties, I was introduced to my first (real) yoga teacher.  Pam Brown inspired me and many others with her powerful story and teaching of yoga.  Those early lessons gave me the physical, mental and spiritual foundations of yoga. 

 After a life crisis and being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, relatively new and little understood in those days, I ventured off to reset myself completely by staying in my first ashram here in Australia.  It was here that I was immersed in the full practice of living as yogini.  The discipline of early rising for meditation and individual practice, seva, contributing to the running of the ashram by working, classes twice a day and bhakti yoga, singing mantras in the evening, brought me back to me. 

I started to fully understand the transformational power of yoga. 

 I’ve played around with different ‘styles’ of yoga so common now and have always come back to the traditions and philosophies of ‘classical’ Hatha yoga.  Hatha Yoga is a complete mind-body system that takes practitioners deep inside themselves through postures ‘asana’, breathing ‘pranayama’, cleansing practices ‘kriyas’, meditation, contemplation and concentration.  

 I eventually completed my Diploma in yoga teacher training with the International Yoga Teachers’ Association (IYTA), Australia’s own highly respected yoga organisation in 1999.  I then taught classes in Mount Morgan, Rockhampton, and Hervey Bay and ran retreats in Central Queensland. 

I have experienced and taught a variety of different styles of yoga, including Iyengar, Yoga in Daily Life, Yin and Vinyasa  yoga.  I have also been inspired by many wonderful teachers of different styles and traditions, all which lead me to my current practice inspired by Subtle® Yoga.  

This style of yoga is firmly based in traditional yoga practices, informed by evidence based research.  Slow mindful yoga posture practice has benefits (in addition to the usual exercise benefits) that can help to build resilience in the nervous system.  Yoga practice can improve brain function, sleep and a general sense of well being and improved quality of life.